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Tuesday, April 30th, 2002 - More to learn about Force Five
Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

9am… Sean walked us through the whole boat and a locker filled with all the spare parts and accessories. The more we know about Force Five, the more shocked we are at what a great deal we got on this boat. Set aside the first impressions of her pretty lines and fancy electronics. I'm not sure if I mentioned it already, but Sean is the assistant managing director of the largest chandlery chain in the Caribbean (essentially, this is a boat store and dock, Home Depot size). So not only does he really, really, know how to care for a boat, and has equipped her with the best of everything, he's also been stocking up on spare parts in case something were to break, etc. This locker is filled with life jackets, flares, lamps and light bulbs, bilge pumps, oil filters and belts, electronic equipment, cleaning supplies… it was like a whole extra boat in there! And we get it all as part of the deal. I can't imagine how much he's spent on all that stuff, but if were to provision it ourselves… we would get into the thousands very, very quickly (even I know that!). AND, on top of that- he also opened some sort of Super Turbo Star account for us so that we get the same discounts that the large boat yards etc. get around here. So when we shop in the chandlery, we get A+ service.

We spent the better part of four hours with Sean going through how to use everything and what needs maintenance or repair (all very minor). From there Curt and I took Sean to lunch over at the Peg Leg Pub and passed a few more hours bending his ear and fattening him up on Heineken. Eventually Joanne (his wife) was able to join us for a bit before we all headed home. Curt and I are both excited to know that this will be our last night living on land… we move aboard tomorrow!

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