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Friday, May 3rd, 2002 - Curt's hair cut
Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

For some reason, Curt is really psyched about the prospect of me cutting his hair. The cruising books we've read mentioned that haircutting is a helpful little talent because, 1) who knows if/when you'll find a barber ashore, and 2) most cruisers are on a fixed budget and it's an added expense.

When we were at the faux Costco yesterday you'd have thought he won the lottery when he found a hairstyling kit complete with how-to-video, scissors and electric shaver and all. So we busted it out this morning and took a stab at cutting his hair (pun intended). He sat on the floor of the cockpit as I fumbled around his head trying not to draw blood or lop off an ear. It was actually pretty fun and I don't think we did half bad. I'd shave/cut some and the two of us would assess the damage before proceeding further. Curt was saying things like, "They always do this… I don't know why- but maybe you should try that." No one's laughed him off the dock yet, and I guess since I'm his bunkmate, ultimately I'm the only one who needs to like it and I do, so I guess we're in good shape. Now I'm actually hoping his hair grows fast so I can have another go 'round!

Afterwards, I headed off to Marigot on my own in search of sheets. I'm embarrassed to say how much we paid for them, but I was desperate! Not only that, I'm learning more and more that you have to be very patient and not worry too much about time down here. I got to the shop, which was about to close mid-day for a two-hour lunch. Odd, but okay. I thought I'd just look someplace else. But no, apparently everything closes for a two-hour lunch. And even then, many stores say they'll re-open at a certain hour and don't (a food coma perhaps? Too much of that French wine at lunch?). At any rate, I found myself going 'round and 'round for an entire afternoon trying to just get a few little things. The bright side was that by the time I actually found a market, I was too tired to try to search for the best deal or the right type of fish. The crab claws and corn were just staring me in the eye when I walked in, so that's what we made for dinner that night (both were frozen and flown in from the US coincidentally).

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