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Tuesday, June 4, 2002
D-Day (Departure Day)

Have you ever been so well prepared for an exam, you think surely you're going to go completely blank when the test is placed in front of you? Or so prepared for a speech, you think surely you'll forget something? Well, it seemed that way to me when, even a half an hour before we're supposed to pull away from the dock for good, both Curt and I felt that we were totally prepared for the voyage ahead and happily bid farewell to the docklines.

I had woken up wondering what it would be like, and moreover- what to say, to our new dockside neighbors, friends at Island Water World, to Sean and Jo when we left. Most, if not all, are cruisers, so they are veterans at the vagrancy of the lifestyle, but still I really felt unsure of it all. In the end, I reminded myself (and them) that we'd be coming back through after hurricane season to say hello. We passed out well deserved thanks to everyone who so kindly took us under their wing as the "new kids on the 'cruising' block." Everyone was so kind, with so much sound advice to offer.

Curt and I wanted to get an early start to our first port, Statia (formally called Sint Eustatius), and so we had to spend one night anchored outside the lagoon as the bridge only opens a handful of times each day to let boats pass through. The first opening (9am) wasn't early enough, so we passed through the night before and anchored outside. Slipping out of our space at dock was uneventful and without incident, but as we waited at the bridge that afternoon, our new and dear friend Jerry came swooshing up in his limo dinghy (as we've begun to call it) to take some bon voyage shots as we set out on our voyage. Once again, Curt and I felt so lucky to've met such a great cast of characters.

June 5, 2002
Our Plan Changes Before We've Even Begun

Our journey began with an unexpected turn. We had planned to sail first to Statia, but the wind was "on our nose" (coming directly from the direction we had intended to go) so we opted to make our way there via St. Barts. While we both wondered what this change in plans so soon out of the starting gate foretold about the rest of voyage, we both felt good about our decision. We aren't pressed for time and felt, why beat our brains out heading into the wind when we could have a leisurely passage and relaxing evening in the familiar anchorage of Anse de Columbier? I mean, isn't that why we're here in the first place? To stop and enjoy life passing by?

The anchorage was particularly peaceful and quiet that night. Force Five might well have been sitting at dock she rested so quietly on the sea with the stars twinkling at the top of her mast. A school of tuna seemed to be setting up camp under our hull so Curt got himself good and frustrated trying to catch them off the transom while I made oatmeal cookies down below. I could hear him grumbling expletives, as the tuna would come nibble off the bait, but not take a hold of the hook.

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