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Aug. 16, 02
Nate's Infamy Stretches to the Southern Caribbean

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Last Friday we were up 'til three in the morning while the sounds of the band and the DJ kept the Tiki Bar hopping all night. This week, we figured we might as well join the fun since we were going to be kept awake by it anyway.

So there we were among our friends, having a drink at the bar- watching the steel drum band fire away when I noticed Curt engaged in a conversation with a pretty blonde at the bar. I had been locked in conversation with another cruiser and was grateful when Curt came and saved me from the rest of whatever dull story I was about to endure about yet another broken engine part, or refrigeration problem (can't cruisers talk about anything but their boats?). Curt says, "You're never going to believe this." The blonde was a girl named Laurie- a UCSB alum like Curt and Nate. Leave it to Nate to have spread his infamy enough to have a girl say to Curt all the way in the Caribbean, "Hey, do you know Nate Babbitt?"

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