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August 22- 26, 2002
Hog Island

After yesterday's adventure in Prickly Bay, we were pretty keen on the idea of checking out some other anchorages around Grenada and getting out of Dodge, so we went in search of greener pastures. We took Force Five around to Mount Hartman Bay to load up with water and fuel at the Moorings base, and to see if it might be a spot we'd like to camp out for a few days. Another tropical depression was supposed to be coming through, and this time we didn't want to be caught off guard.

Mount Hartman was nice enough, but in the end we decided to join our friends on ¾ Time at the less crowded Hog Island. It's a funny little island with nothing more than a little hut for a bar (if you can even call it that). Roger is the "owner" and he shows up at about 4:30 to see if anyone's around to give him some business. During the week, it seems it was just us and whoever came along. Two of which were boats we had seen in almost every anchorage on our way south and finally had the opportunity to meet: Yahoo and Sea Witch. It was interesting to finally see how they matched up with the pictures we had developed in our minds.

Our visit to Hog Island was quiet. We spent time cleaning and doing some boat work. I dragged our cockpit table over to the beach to sand and refinish it. We went adventuring with the dinghy while trolling for fish. And on Sunday, we joined in on a barbecue that Roger puts on for the yachties. For the bargain basement price of about $5 US dollars, you have your choice of chicken or fish and it's served with a load of rice, beans, salad, and some calalloo (a bit like spinach). Boats come from the anchorages all around and spend their Sunday at the barbecue. A squall ripped through just after dark while we were still on the island, and though I felt a bit fretful for Force Five, she stuck in her spot just fine.

We weren't there long before we made a last minute decision to shove off for Tobago as the weather front had just passed through. Grenada wasn't all that it had been cracked up to be (in our minds anyway), and so we opted to check out this other out of the way island before our friends Cary and Keri came to visit in a few weeks. With a last minute run to pick up some munchies for the sail, and a few hurried good byes to the boats around us, we were off Monday afternoon for our first overnight sail since our hair-raising passage from the Saints to Martinique.

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