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Allison and Calvin on the way to Santa Cruz Island.

Force Five, Ripple II and Viva reunited in Hollywood.
Summer 2004.

Force Five at Santa Cruz Island.

April 12, 2005
Santa Barbara, California

Hi. Curt here. Sorry it’s been a while. I’ll try to catch you up.

Our web log stopped in the middle of our travels. The password was reset by our web hosting company and we weren't able to log in to update the site once we hit the Bahamas. (Some advice...write down every phone number on paper for every company you have any transactions with before you leave. 800 numbers don't work outside the US so get the actual number and area code.) Our trip continued thru the Bahamas, making landfall in Charleston, SC, then Bald Head Island, and then out around Cape Fear, Cape Hatteras, and up the Chesapeake to Annapolis, Maryland. We put the boat up for sale there in July 2003 and flew back to California for Allie's sister's wedding and to see friends/family. The boat didn't sell, a hurricane went directly over it, and the winter freeze was coming so we flew back in December, loaded Force Five on a semi truck and shipped her here to Santa Barbara where we are so excited to be reunited with her. We've been sailing out to the Channel Islands a bunch and down to Catalina. Getting work when we returned (and even figuring out what we wanted to do) was difficult so we started doing web development and marketing consulting. (Some of the photos might look familiar: We've been back for over a year and we're just finally getting settled. We are so glad we did the trip and continue to see friends we met while sailing. The people you meet out there make everything worth it and really become friends for life. And open doors you can't believe. Also, we know we can go through anything together after living in such close quarters.

We've been hanging out with “Althea” a bunch. We first met Laurie and Mark in Grenada. Now they own Island Brewing Company. I actually went to school with Laurie and we ran into them in Grenada by accident. Believe it or not, now they are in the same marina in Ventura as us, having come through the Panama Canal and up the coast. Anyway, I surf with Mark about once a week and we get out to Santa Cruz Island sailing together about every two weeks.

One benefit of coming back was being reunited with our dog Calvin. We’ll post pictures soon, but suffice it to say that he is the cutest, most accident prone Labrador Retriever in the world. He actually died this January. Allie had taken him to the beach while I was traveling. He pulled his ACL (the ligament over his knee) while chasing a soccer ball. Five minutes into the surgery, Calvin had a heart attack and was dead for 3 minutes. They revived him, but he was a vegetable. Then, miraculously, two days later he suddenly was fine (except for the hurt knee and a $1000 bill). Apparently dogs don't usually pull out of heart attacks. Anyway, Calvin is fine now and enjoys swimming off the boat.

Force Five continues to amaze. We’ve taken numerous trips out to the Channel Islands here in California including Catalina, Anacapa and Santa Cruz. This coming Monday I’ll be out there again with my brother for several days. Now that we finally have the site back, we’ll begin posting pictures again. Hopefully Allie will also fill you in on the travels we’ve taken, as we all know her writing is better. As we both have the travel bug, there should be a new trip coming up…perhaps to Mexico? Stay tuned.

Force Five gets loaded on a truck in Annapolis.

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